First Edition + October 2014 + Allerseelen + Amarthalos

O.D.K and Spiral Thought Productions reopen the gates of these worlds for the Romanian audience, in collaboration with the Austrian martial-industrial-neofolk project Allerseelen, a rare apparition but not the first one on these realms.

Allerseelen started in 1989, standing out not only through the impressive number of CD's and vinyls launched in their 25 years of activity, but through the passion and the dedication for music, offering the Austrian artist and writer the creative energy and the power to constantly reinvent himself over time.

Gerhard Hallstatt - the writer and the musician behind the project - had his debut in the middle 80s as a percussionist in Orgien Mysterien Theater of Hermann Nitsch, a representative of the Viennese Actionism current.

Allerseelen is difficult to situate under only one label, as the music of Halstatt's projects holds experimental elements, from post-industrial, martial and industrial folk to military pop.

Mircea Eliade and Emil Cioran were two inspirational sources for the Allerseelen music, especially the Heimliche Welt and Archaische Arbeiten based on Eliade's studies on shamanism and alchemy.

The archaic culture of Romania will also count as one of the sources of inspiration for Terra Incognita - the title and the concept of the new Allerseelen album, one which brings forth our common European roots.

With their first appearance in Romania in 2012 at the Rasnov Ghost Festival, Allerseelen's distinctive stage performance stands out, their interpretation leaving room for experiment and innovation, with live sounds and exquisite diversity versus their studio recordings.

The project is scheduled to perform in Question Mark Bucharest on October the 12th, 2014, and Rock Pub in Campulung Muscel on the 11th; the mini-tour will commence on October 9th with one other concert in Subsol Club - Brasov.

Allerseelen's latest composition is entitled - "Iarba Neagra" - song inspired by the lyrics of Nichita Stanescu, and created in collaboration with ODK for this event. The complete version of the song will be available to the public shortly.

Amarthalos will the opening act for the performances of the Austrian band Allerseelen, included in the SIGNUM IMPERII event.

The aboriginal project was launched in 1997 with the album "Cenusa si jar", born from a raw matter of ambient black metal, reaching along the years to the exclusively synthetic zone of spiritual dark ambient.

The latest released album - Murmur (2014) - continues the series of landscapes which remind of the mystic auditory descriptions of Scandinavia, yet easily proving that there are also are many hidden treasures here therein.